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Mail Vault - Raj Information Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Mail Vault

MailVault is an archiving and eDiscovery software that performs a secured and centralized back-up process for internal, incoming and outgoing emails of the organization.

This software is compatible with every mail system and MailVault further helps the company to monitor all emails conversation. It is one of the most effective email backup solutions. It is a powerful search mechanism platform that allows a user to view and restore emails for users. MailVault can easily collect emails from various mail sources, whether remote or local. These email messages are collected, de-duplicated, scrutinized and stored in real-time. It possesses multi-protocol and multi-mail client email support enables flexible deployment process. Operated from any web-browser, MailVault is a remotely-accessible tool.

Features of MailVault

Simple Search

Easy to use and it has an easy Google-like search which can be accessed from the client’s email.

Security Policies

MailVault enables multi-role user privileges. Authorization and accessibility processes are based on the user's role.

Effective Archive Management

MailVault has multiple archives and disks support. It has multiple filters to isolate unwanted email.

Minimize Storage

Smart single-instance storage feature for minimizing the disk space usage. Email deduplication saves the desk space.

Automatic Discovery

MailVault helps to auto-build users and business directories from email. One can easily and instantly search the users' name or organization.

Email Systems Compatibility

MailVault is compatible with every standards-based email servers. It supports MS Exchange, Google Apps, Lotus Notes and lots more.

Benefits of MailVault

Disaster Management

Prevents disaster by backing up the email and restoring them.


Cost-effective tool that reduces admin and helpdesk costs.


Easy-to-operate and MailVault is a user-friendly tool.

Archival Reports

Reports are generated by collecting information from emails.

Email Monitoring

Monitors and scrutinizes all corporate emails

Compliance Ready

Enables quick retrieval of all the emails and provides long term storage.


With MailVault, a business needs to purchase a license for one user. Moreover, the vault also supports multiple domains for the business.

Yes, any time. One can choose to upgrade the higher user slab anytime. Rajinfosys technical support team will help you to fulfill all your requirements.

Yes, it will work with your current license. Your business license can be deployed into the existing installation to continue using it, with no repetition of the installation process.

There is a one-time license charge for the software itself. After completion of the first year, one can subscribe to our annual software upgrade protection.

Once the payment is confirmed, our team will email you your license copy within one working day.

Why Rajinfosys?

Rajinfosys is a Cloud Solutions Company helping clients realize the exciting potential of the cloud to help their businesses grow. We are a leading cloud service company, providing cloud solutions, deployment, and data migration services since 2010. We are an authorized partner of Google, Microsoft, Zoho, GoDaddy, and many more..

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